2014 Year in Review

I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by! SO much to be grateful for: I graduated from college this year, had a senior show, and went to some amazing places (old and new). My parents got to see some of my favorite places in Ireland. Once upon a time I lived there. Crazy. I made it through college debt free, barely making it through finals with a horrible cold (I seriously thought I had strep). In February I went to South Africa and got to take wedding photos for my dear friends Nosipho and Siyanda. 

God has been so faithful to me. This year I have cried a couple of times in realization that I do not deserve all these things. It has not been all sunshine and rainbows this year. In hindsight I definitely had some moments in my college years where I was sure I was not going to make it. Starving artist is a real thing. Below are some photos of my year. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it. Family, friends, peers, teachers you guys helped me be a better me this year. Most of all I thank God for getting me through college, financial circumstances, and for constantly blessing me beyond what I deserve. Here is to 2015! 

p.s. Most of the photos are from my sisters instagram. You can follow her here: http://instagram.com/___bvb___/