Je t'aime Paris

In June, my family and I went to Paris. While there my sister and I opted out of the touristy stuff: we meet with my friend Holi, got wine at a local wine shop, walked down a street market Julia Child's often frequented, and truly experienced Paris in way Parisians themselves do. It was lovely.

One day my family and I took the train to Versailles and instead of touring the inside Britt and I decided to bike around the outside. It was g l o r i o u s. We got away from all the crowds and enjoyed Versailles like Marie Antoinette once did. My sister and I ran circles in the grass and raced our bikes. I felt like a five year old all over again. 

Until next time Paris. 

JR's exhibition at the Pantheon. 

JR's exhibition at the Pantheon. 


Below are some insta's by my lovely sister:

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