A dear friend

Post-graduation the hunger pangs for making art are no joke.

I miss art SO much. Knowing that a sea of ideas cannot come into fruition, frankly because there literally is not enough time, hurts. I feel like a piece of my soul has died. 

In a vain attempt to VIVA LA ART. I have decided to tell more of my stories. My heart and mind have so many stories that have not been shared with the world. So world, here we go. Here are my stories (+ photos) from the last 6 plus years of my life. 


I never had any desire to go to Ireland. But I am so glad I did go. Can a continent become like a friend? If so, Ireland has become a dear friend of mine. I have visited twice since living there in 2008. The second time I visited I learned how to drive a manual, just a mere week before arriving, and drove around Irelands windy roads (sometimes 10 plus hours a day.) 

Some may say learning to drive a manual in a week and then proceeding to drive round the whole island is bravery. But isn't bravery simply facing challenges like you know you have to? With mother's day quickly approaching, I think of all the Mom's out there who made sacrifices for their kids, because they had to. To me that is bravery. Laying down your life for others takes a great amount of courage. Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's out there! Thanks for all your sacrifices, both big and small! Thanks for being brave.

Here are some photos of my manual road trip. Grateful I got to see parts of Ireland I never got to experience the first time around.