Sri Lanka Bombings: A Story of ISIS and Wealthy Terrorists

SVR Bike Mountain Bicycle Road Cycling Safety Helmet Adult Adjustable M-3_nV SUPPORT RAM-MOUNT BOAT GARMIN GPS MAP RAMMOUNT RAM-B-111B In the U.S., coverage of the Islamic terrorist bombings of churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday has been sparse and generally uninformative. It tells you something when Britain’s Sun, which has mostly abandoned the news in favor of soccer and celebrities in bikinis, is a better source than the New York Times or the Washington Post. That is certainly the case with regard to the Sri Lanka SUPPORT RAM-MOUNT GARMIN SERIES OREGON RAM-MOUNT RAM-B-149Z-GA31U
Featured imageBack when I was writing a book with Joel Schwartz on conventional air pollution around 2005, we were struck how the media everywhere covered the issue with a reverse Lake Woebegone effect: our local area has “some of the worst” air pollution in the whole country! Of course, even without looking at the actual data, this is obviously nonsense—if everywhere has “some of the worst” air pollution, then nowhere is SUPPORT RAM-MOUNT SUCTION FLEXIBLE RAM-MOUNT RAP-105-6224-TO7U
SUPPORT SUCTION CAR CAR Garmin dezl™ 560LMT & 560LT RAM-MOUNT RAM-B-166-GA43UKim Strassel devotes her weekly Wall Street Journal Potomac Watch column — “The Russians and the Dossier” — to a question that has intrigued me since I actually went to the trouble of reading the Steele Dossier back in early 2017: who was colluding with whom? Working on behalf of the Clinton campaign, ex-British spy Christopher Steele purported to draw on his relationships with the friends of Vladimir Putin to SUPPORT SURFACE FLAT for Garmin nuvi 3550LM e 3590LMT MOUNT RAM-B-138-GA53U

Joe Biden: woke, joke, or both?

Featured imageWhen I was a young baseball fan, I thought that pitchers who relied on a great fastball would lose their effectiveness more quickly than pitchers with a mediocre fastball who relied on “junk” and guile. After all, speed declines with age while guile, if anything, increases. Eventually, after observing the late career success of Robin Roberts, I realized that pitchers with a great fastball can reinvent themselves as pitchers with SUPPORT WITH PUSH-BUTTON FOR GARMIN STREETPILOT C310 RAM-B-174-GA19U RAM-MOUNT

Thoughts from the ammo line

Suptig Outdoor sports photography, LED Runing light 3 Modes Chest for...Ammo Grrrll asks a good question: IF THIS ISN’T NICE…THEN WHAT IS? Although she doesn’t identify it as a national crisis and call for the the formation of a commission to study it, she does seek to mitigate an epidemic lack of gratitude abroad in the land. She writes: On this, the seventh day of Passover, in this Sweet Land of religious Liberty, I look out the window of my Sure Life Foam Off 1Gal Plastic Jug SL132 Brand New Free Shipping
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Sweden Home Womens Shirt 2019 2020
Featured imageI inferred that Mohamed Noor was going to testify on his own behalf from defense counsel Peter Wold’s opening statement, but his intentions remained unclear. This morning we learned that Noor was going to take the stand, as indeed he did when prosecution expert Timothy Longo concluded his testimony and the prosecution rested its case. I have to leave early for court tomorrow morning. I am filing this special edition Sure Shot Foldable Gymnastics Mat - 8 x 4ft
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An Antidote to Leftist History Textbooks

Featured imagePaul wrote earlier this week here and here about the case of an AP history textbook, By the People: A History of the United States, whose leftist bias is so egregious that you’d be better off having your kid not take AP history at all.  That textbook is not, sadly, a rare example of leftist bias in primary school textbooks. Is there any remedy available? We’re very happy to report »
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Surf casting fishing reels from Trabucco of , New models for 2017A Gallup poll from earlier this month found that Americans consider the government and immigration to be the most important problems facing the U.S. 23 percent of respondents named the government/poor leadership, while 21 percent named immigration. Nothing else came close. Health care was a distant third at 7 percent, followed closely by race relations (6 percent) and (at 5 percent each) the economy, poverty-hunger-homelessness, and unifying the country. “Government/poor »

A Green New Deal Smackdown Omnibus

T-305-B BuyLando Kid(S)ports Trampolin 305cm ohne Netz Featured imageIt is long past time to revisit the Green Nude Eel, or whatever fantasy the climatistas have in mind. My pal Ben Zycher has a comprehensive analysis of it out this week from AEI, The Green New Deal: Economics and Policy Analytics. Ben is a superb quantitative analyst of these matters, to which he adds a refreshing and blunt directness in his conclusions: The GND’s central premise is that such »
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Elijah Cummings won’t let witness have lawyer

Tailored Sportsman Front Zip Trophy Hunter Breeches - blueeesy Tan Featured imageDemocrats on the House Oversight Committee want to depose John Gore about his role in the Trump administration’s decision to add a question to the 2020 Census about citizenship. Gore was acting as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights when the decision was made. Gore is prepared to testify and the administration is fine with him doing so. Attorney General Barr insists only that Gore be accompanied by an attorney. SURLY cycling MERINO WOOL WOMEN'S LONG SLEEVE JERSEY M mustard yellow 130

The ideologue who wrote the textbook calling Trump and his supporters “racists”

Featured imageYesterday, I wrote about the AP U.S. History textbook By the People that calls President Trump and his core supporters “racists” and suggests that the president is “mentally unstable.” Today, I want to write about James W. Fraser, the author of this egregiously biased left-wing book. Stanley Kurtz blew the whistle on Fraser a year ago. Rereading Stanley’s piece made my blood boil, just as it was simmering down. Fraser »
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SUSAN-835MP 1500W 800W Mixing High-power Super-power Ingreener Electronic BoosterThe Supreme Court of Sweden has ruled that a rape conviction is not a sufficient reason to deport a non-Swedish citizen: Sweden’s highest court has overturned a decision to deport a convicted rapist after ruling there was no “extraordinary reason” to expel him from the country. Two lower courts had ruled that the man, a 33-year-old Somali citizen, should be deported after serving a jail sentence for rape, but the Suspension Trainer Valkyrie 3 sizes and Manuel
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Tailwalk EGIST TZ 77L TORZITE Spinning Rod for EGING EGING Squid Jig Featured imageThe allegation in the Mueller Report that has gotten the most media play is President Trump’s supposed attempt to fire Robert Mueller from his position as special counsel. It is commonly said that Trump “tried” to fire Mueller. For example, the Washington Post headlines: “The Trump team still maintains Trump didn’t try to fire Mueller. Mueller disagrees.” The New York Times headlines: “Trump sought to fire Mueller in December.” USA Suunto Ambit2 R White Heart Rate Monitor - Running GPS watch
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Tailwalk Fullrange Spinning Model S61L FSL spinning rod F S from Japan Suunto Ambit 3 Sports watch blueeE -  with heart rate monitor• News you can use: The Power Line podcast is now available on Spotify! And as a reminder, if you aren’t listening regularly, please consider subscribing, and even if you are neither a subscriber or listener, you might consider leaving a brief review and five-star rating for the show on iTunes. It helps us build an audience. • So Biden is in. Fun times ahead. I still don’t see the »
Suunto Computer USB Download Interface Cable Scuba Diving Eon CoreSince Justine Ruszczyk (Damond) was killed by Mohamed Noor on July 15, 2017, the Minneapolis mayor and chief of police have been sacked, the chief by the mayor and the mayor by the voters. Justine’s killing opened a window onto Minneapolis’s kakistocracy. The case hasn’t drawn much national attention, apparently because the victim was a white woman and the shooter is a black Somali immigrant. The usual polarities are reversed, Suunto D4i Novo Tauchcomputer mit USB-Kabel
It is a commonplace of Illinois politics that each new governor has a prison cell fitted out for him along with his election certification. And sure as the swallows return to Capistrano, Illinois’s new Democratic Governor Jay Pritzker is under investigation for tax evasion. But this story is important for more than just illustrating the usual Illinois chronic political corruption. Pritzker comes from one of the wealthiest families in America, Suunto D6i Novo white + Interface
Suunto Eon Core - Tauchcomputer with color Display and 3d CompassI have heard a number of left-leaning professors dismiss tales of ideological craziness and extremism on campus as just “isolated incidents”—mere anecdotes to be dismissed as little more than a craze that will pass like the Hula-Hoop. But at some point, the plural of anecdote is “data,” and I wonder just how many “anecdotes” of campus insanity are necessary before the “pattern recognition” of social science or anthropology kicks in. Suunto Foot Pod ANT wireless speed and distance monitor Dynastream Technology
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